Calling Thailand the "land of smiles" may seem cliché, but it has a foundation in truth. You would think that a country swamped with 26 million tourists every year is a place to avoid at all costs. Except that Longitude 80’s Thailand is not what you’d expect.

First off, the Bangkok we offer is a Bangkok full of secrets, surprises, exquisite food and experiences from kick boxing to the most incredible sky bar to spending time with mask makers, art gallery owners, digging around a warehouse of Thai antiques that must be seen to be believed and exploring the canals of Old Bangkok by long boat.

We then venture north to what locals call the “Sea of Mountains” tucked alongside the Mekong River bordering with Laos and Myanmar, a mountainous mix of rice paddies and dramatic scenery provides an under-explored part of Thailand. We like this part of Thailand because of its richness in natural beauty, its smattering of villages featuring the friendly Mien, Lu, Hmong and Htin tribes, its “off the beaten path” temples and (again) the delicacy of its cuisine. 

And instead of cramping you on the busy islands of Phuket and Koh Samui, we finish with an exclusive 3-day private cruise in the Andaman Sea or Gulf of Thailand (depending on time of year) where you will explore remote islands on kayaks, snorkel on reef and enjoy beach picnics and sunset drinks on deck. Each night sees a different anchoring spot away from the crowds.

And if all you need is a resort on a beach facing the sunset, we have one definite “must experience” that is out of this world.

The biggest challenge is finding where to sleep. Simply because Thailand by far has the most exciting and widest choice of amazing properties across Asia. So we have picked our four most exclusive and stylish properties to become part of our Thailand In Style itinerary. 


We start in Bangkok. Easy!


If you want to see the whole country, we recommend twelve nights. But you can easily spend a few days in Bangkok and continue to another country and stop for a few days on a great beach resort on the way back.


Although Thailand is pretty much an all year round destination, we suggest from November till March as the best months.


Thailand is the only country in South East Asia that was never colonized by an European country. In Thai language, Thailand is in fact “Prathet Thai” meaning “Land of the Free”.