Guiding is interpreting. A guide’s main job is to explain, give information and make new visitors to a country understand it’s diversity and culture. Our travelers spend a lot of money and precious time away from home to explore, see, feel and learn. To experience a culture is something Longitude 80 takes very seriously from art to history to economics and religion, every trip we design incorporates elements that define each country’s identity. What does it mean to be a Hong Kong citizen or a Singaporean? What is the art market in Vietnam and how do artists deal with a communist regime? Is China’s economy really slowing down? Why do Chinese eat with chopsticks and Myanmar people with utensils? 

Based on your interest after several emails and discussions, we tailor-make itineraries that introduce you to experts in the fields you are interested in. We also arrange for you to meet locals and discuss openly about their daily life and history. Enjoy a walk in downtown Saigon with an author who has researched the history of the city or spend a morning walking amongst the old French Concession and along the Bund in Shanghai with a passionate advocate of the city’s amazing past. Our trips are not sightseeing trips. Any operator can do this, all you need is a bus and a driver. We find ways for you to see and feel what it is to go shopping for your meal in a local market in Yangon or simply sit on a village square and watch people go by. Your local guides are the best at stopping farmers, fishermen or a housewife in a courtyard asking how their day is going, what they are doing, explaining where you are from and could we chat with them? We walk, bike, hike, get on boats, motorbikes and even camels to reach cultural hubs. Trust us and we will get you on the back of a Vespa driven by a local in Hanoi on a Friday night surrounded by 400 other motorcycles waiting for the green light..... 

To watch, smell, listen and experience - Isn't that why we travel?