We all have interests. Some have passions. Wine, golf, horses, sailing, birdcage collecting. Over the years Longitude 80 has had the chance to plan and design special interest trips for groups of friends and families, from trekking in Bhutan to buying show jumping horses in New Zealand to a golfing trip across Thailand and China. When designing itineraries with you we will ask if there are any particular hobbies or passions you may have or would be keen to look into during your trip. The information we gather can help us introduce fun surprises, from opening the door to a private orchid garden in Bangkok for keen gardeners to a "behind the scenes" look at Chinese opera performers getting ready for a group of opera fans. And sometimes interest becomes passion and the itinerary takes in a different focus where experts, special access, lectures and curatorial advice fill in the days of travel. 

We have designed historical trips across the Silk Road and architectural trips highlighting the "Old and the New" in China. We have focused in on the study of Balinese culture, wildlife photography in Borneo, immersion into the hill tribes of northern Myanmar and Vietnam and antique shopping in Indonesia. These trips can take longer to plan but we truly enjoy the challenges in finding those "rare gems". 

Knowing your interests and why you want to explore a specific country allows us to craft a bespoke holiday while expanding your horizons.