To feel the hot wind of the Taklamakan desert is an experience few forget. Let alone while wedged in between a Bactrian camel's twin humps, and realizing that 30 minutes ago, you were in the arrival lounge of a small airport in the middle of the Silk Road in western China. Or maybe it's simply sipping champagne surrounded by grazing western grey kangaroos on a remote island in Southern Australia. With over 20 years of guiding experience and designing private trips, Longitude 80 knows when it’s ok to push the boundaries and when it is a good idea to make sure the next hotel bar will have fresh lemons for the gin and tonics. Experiencing wilderness is a balancing act and one we love to do. Every country across Asia and the Pacific has unique wildlife and untamed environments on offer and we spend a lot of time finding the lodges and the guides that know the exact location of a humpback whale nursery in places like Tonga or how to get close to a 3m long Komodo dragon in places like Indonesia’s Rinca Island. 

And to do so, we use planes, trains and SUVs, we take you deep in the New Zealand bush, we have a great series of private yachts to explore Mergui Archipelago and the best drivers to take you around the Gobi Desert. We spend time in the areas we explore to find the best nature guides and experts that can lead our expeditions to explain the why's and the what's. You will spend time with Chinese researchers understanding the issues facing the panda recovery program and with wildlife trackers who spent time helping the BBC film crews find orangutans in Borneo. Wilderness is sitting down and observing, taking it all in, silence, listening to waves and the wind, watching a large albatross skim the crest of the wave. 

We try our very best to open the door to this wilderness and make each moment special so you can remember and cherish.