For the longest time, Myanmar was our secret. At least it felt like it. When Denis discovered this incredible gem in 2000, he was blown away after having travelled all over South East Asia. Myanmar was the ultimate “time travel ” destination, stepping 20-30 years back in time due to incredible economic and political challenges that made this country so difficult to travel to. 

Our secret is now out in the open. The rest of the world has discovered one of the most magical, serene and stunning landscapes in Asia.  But that has not has stopped us from pushing further… We still include some of the “must see places” of this kite shaped country. We still spend time exploring a few of the 3000  temples of Bagan, looking at frescoes and stunning religious architecture that is unparalleled in the world. You will understand our love for this country when you ride a hot air balloon at sunrise over this sea of temple rooftops, and watch farmers till their soybean fields. We still go to glorious Inle Lake region, criss crossing over the great body of water in our large private boats, stopping to look at floating tomato gardens and to hike along the lake shore from village to village, weaving in and out of crowds of local women and children walking back from school or cutting sugar cane.  You travel with the sun in Myanmar, up at sunrise doing meditation with our amazing national guide and having Mandalay rum sours at sunset from the top deck of our private cruise ship as we motor down the Irrawaddy River.   

But we also need to push further and look at new areas. Longitude 80 explores more remote areas of Myanmar including a new set date itinerary on a 5-night luxury cruise up the Chindwin River during the low season where the high water level of the river allows access to remote parts of Myanmar seldom visited. We have also added Northern Myanmar to the itinerary where areas near the border of India boast one of the most pristine Himalayan forest and mountain areas populated with Kachin and Lisu tribes. Finally, way down south, to the remote Mergui archipelago aboard a luxury 7-cabin sailing yacht with many shore excursions to sea gypsy villages, as well as reef snorkeling and forest hikes. 

Myanmar may now experience more tourism but Longitude 80 is working hard at remaining ahead of the wave.



Myanmar has several micro climates and your itinerary will suggest the best time of the year. September and March are typically good months. Our Chindwin cruises are during the months of October and November. Our bespoke Mergui charter cruise is between November and March.


Longitude 80’s  private cruise is 6-8 days, depending on sea conditions and positioning the ship in the Mergui. Our Remote Myanmar Dream Journey is typically 10 days.


Longitude 80’s Mergui private cruise starts from Yangon. Otherwise, our expeditions originate from Mandalay which has direct flights with Bangkok and Singapore.


Myanmar has a weekly calendar of 8 days where Wednesday is split into 2 days. On top of this, each of the 8 days is associated with a compass direction, a planet and a totem animal. 

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