Our trips are guided. This means you have at minimum a local guide who will be with you during the whole duration of your holiday. Or even better, Denis will be along your trip to oversee all the details, make last minute decisions, arrange impromptu activities, bring in his knowledge and experiences in each country he has guided and work with local guides as a team for you. But at minimum, a guide is part of your trip. 

To be a good guide, you need specific qualities. Be organized, be punctual, know your subject, care for travelers' wellbeing, think fast and deliver your knowledge in a fun and interesting way. Longitude 80 relies heavily on its guiding experience across Asia and the Pacific.  And "our" local guides are a crucial part of our trips. These local specialists have formed a close bond with Denis and understand what he expects from them when they guide our clients. They see how Longitude 80 is different and how we work hard at staying away from the usual group travel and try to deliver exclusivity when we can. Our guides interact between local people and you, they ask questions, they translate, they are ambassadors for their countries.  Be it getting up at 04:00 AM to take a traveler to the Great Wall to photograph a sunrise, arranging the logistics to get a private boat on the upper Mekong or taking a weekend to go explore a new area home to a minority tribe, these local experts are our life blood and they all share one of Denis’s most important visions - They love to give, to do the extra just so the travellers go back home and think “wow…that was something else…” !

With over 25 years of guiding himself, Denis recognises very quickly who should work with him and who he can trust to look after you. A good guide "makes" the trip!

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