We are VERY picky about where you sleep. We know exactly what works and what does not work in a lodge or hotel. We don’t follow words like “4 stars” or “7 stars” or “highly recommended by Trip Advisor”. 

We make our own opinions and we proceed very carefully before recommending or suggesting one hotel. For all the Amans of the world and the Four Seasons and the One and Onlys and God knows what else, we test, we look at a multitude of factors, we double check.

From service to location, from balcony views to how’s the room service club sandwich at 01:00 AM. And sometimes we sacrifice. We sacrifice luxury for a fantastic experience.

Hotels are important, we know that and we add photos on each of our Dream Journey itineraries to give you a sense of where you will be staying. But ultimately what we look for is the big picture - how you will reflect on your trip and bring it back home in your memories.