New Zealand has 4.5 million people and over 40 million sheep (give or take a few), all spread out over two main islands. We worked hard at finding great names for these two islands that would convey our feelings towards the most amazing landscape in the world and called them... the North Island and... the South Island. Typical kiwi - short and to the point. 

A small country, New Zealand is proud to be nuclear free, many of our birds are flightless and our national colour is black. We invented the barbed wire, the gumboot, our religion is rugby and we like to welcome people by performing a "haka" that scares the living daylight of most visitors. We are located so far away on earth that many think we live on the edge of the world. We have an amazing country because the scenery changes every hour. We have beaches, snow capped mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, fiords, deserts and rain forests. We have great fishing, gorgeous walks, not bad wines, fantastic golfing and horse back riding, superb seafood and like to push people off bridges while they are attached to a bungee cord. But to us, the most incredible richness of New Zealand is its people. Warm hearted, understated, the salt of the earth, with a twist of dry humour and a love for the outdoors.

Longitude 80 is based in New Zealand and this is our backyard. The company was established several years ago and for us who travel across Asia and the Pacific, this is home. We have had the chance to meet some amazing New Zealanders over the years of guiding private trips. From glacier and fishing guides to golf pros, equestrian champions, artists, wine makers, farmers, marine biologists, opera singers, chefs and award winning photographers, you'll meet them all on your Dream Journey if you give us the time.

Our hospitality is incredible, our wines and food the purest you can hope for and our lodges will knock your socks off. Come and experience New Zealand with Longitude 80... We will push you over the edge and you won't regret it.


We recommend November through until April. If you ski, July and August are top.


5 months... OK, we are biased... but a minimum of 12 days would be great.


Starts and finishes in Auckland with Air New Zealand.


The logo of the Royal NZ Air Force (yes, we do have one) is a kiwi - which is a flightless bird!

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