Alain Ducasse is quoted as saying “….Food is one part of the experience. But do not underestimate the rest, the mood the atmosphere, the music and the design. It is the harmony between what you have on the plate and what surrounds the plate!”

Yes indeed monsieur Ducasse. 

Which is why we spend a LOT of time looking at restaurants, finding great spots for lunches and amazing places for dinners. We ask where is the best table with the best view, how are the bathrooms, does it have private rooms, a chef’s table perhaps. We look at wine lists and menus. And we keep an elaborate database with our comments to keep tabs. Food is divine, varied and an ambassador for each of the destinations we explore. Of course, butter tea in Tibet or chillies and melted cheese in Bhutan can be acquired tastes so we spend a lot of time trying to balance local delicacies with a return to your old favourite comfort food, especially on long trips where the appeal of a club sandwich sounds like heaven.  And sometimes  we move from 3 star Michelins one night to a street corner the next night and sit on a plastic stool on a sidewalk to experience the best dumplings in Shanghai or the best pulled pork in Bali. Food is one of the best ways to experience a country and we enjoy throwing in a meeting with a chef, walking around a local market at dawn or inviting a cook book author to take us around their favourite spots. 

We love cooking classes, where even someone who can barely manage to turn the kettle on actually get a kick at trying their hand at cooking Vietnamese Pho or Indonesian Nasi Goreng. Of course, we make sure help is at hand, the cooking class is private, the chef takes his time and your personal assistant is right next to you to show you... And we design fun ways to explore this amazing world, from a private dinner with a chef in her home in Bali or a night expedition In Ho Chi Minh City on the back of Vespas moving from local bars to local restaurants, at each stop tasting something simple, clean and fresh before going on to the next culinary adventure. 

Food is wonderful, it brings us together three times a day and forces us to stop and enjoy life.